IT Equipment FAQs

Asset Remarketing provide a full and comprehensive service that covers IT equipment disposal and recycling. We aim to be as transparent in our IT purchasing process and everything we do. However, if you feel we haven't answered your query, then please do email us on and we will gladly help you.

How do I sell my IT equipment to Asset Remarketing?

We made it really easy for you to sell your IT equipment to us:

  1. just visit our online valuation page (Link here) or email with a list of the equipment you want to sell.
  2. Fill in all the details of the IT products you wish to sell, a price will be displayed on the screen and if you would like to go ahead just accept the price.
  3. Once you register or login, you can set the details of how you want to be paid, arrange a Free Collection with us.
  4. Once we collect the items you want to sell, we perform a quick Quality check on the items and get payment across using your chosen method.

Will you buy IT equipment from anyone?

Our IT purchasing services are only intended for use by businesses and other organisations who operate within the UK and are not residential consumers.

We are based outside the UK; can I still use this service?

No, sorry we only service the UK Mainland.

Can I sell 1 item to you?

Yes, we will buy any quantity of IT equipment, from Desktop PC's, Laptops, Tablets, Monitors, Servers and Network Equipment. From 1 item to 1000 items, we have the resources in place to value, collect and pay for all kinds and quantities of IT equipment.

How to I arrange a Free Collection?

Any business or organisations can arrange a free collection with us during the valuation stage or by calling 0161 641 4843. All collections are performed for free and we collect from all over the UK (mainland).

Will you collect other types of IT equipment?

Yes, we will collect a wide range of IT equipment and peripherals not just Desktop PC's, Laptops, Tablets, Monitors, Servers and Network Equipment. Just let us know what else you have for collection when you are arrange a collection and our collection teams will pick that up as well.

How do you perform Quality Assessments on IT products?

In general, the first checks we do are when we come to you to collect the equipment, the items that have been valued are checked off and accounted for. The main quality assessments are performed when the equipment is delivered to our warehouse, we account for all of the items that you entered into the valuation, then check the details and its condition. When that is completed, a quick test to ensure the item is functioning properly and then perform the data destruction process.

After all the items on the valuation have been checked, processed and registered, we complete the valuation and issue your payment. If there are any issues we get in touch right away.

What details about my equipment do you need to get a valuation?

We try to keep things simple, we ask for details like, Processor type and speed, HDD Size, Memory Size, screen size, quantity and condition.

How long is my quote valid for?

Based on market prices fluctuating, our prices also change on a regular basis, so any confirmed orders or valuations will expire after 28 days until a collection has been confirmed.

Our IT equipment is in bad condition, will you buy it?

We take and receive IT products in many different physical conditions. Where we do receive items that are in poor condition, beyond economical repair or are too old for remarketing and we cannot return a value for. We are able to still collect the items for Free and recycle them whilst ensuring the data is destroyed. You would still receive full environmental certification.

What about any sensitive data stored on the hard drives?

We are committed to ensuring that your personal and private information is kept secure, that is why we provide secure data destruction services, either through our inhouse processing or through our onsite services. All of the data bearing IT equipment that we handle is processed to ensure full data erasure and full certification for the media/data destruction is given after every load to every customer.

Our processes have been developed to fully compliant with the Data Protection Act 2018 (GDPR), ICO Recommendations and WEEE Directive.

How do you Recycle any of the IT equipment?

In line with the current WEEE directive and other environmental practices, we have created specific routes for waste products to be sent for complete recycling. If you want a copy of our Recycling Treatment Guide please contact us via email .

Do we have to package the items like other companies want?

Yes and no, where we are purchasing less than 10 IT Products from a customer, we ask then to securely package the items and will arrange a collection with our selected third-party courier who will collect the items and deliver them to us. Where there are more than 10 IT products being purchased, we will arrange the collection and one of our secure collection teams will attend your site and collect the items.

*IMPORTANT* We do ask for customers to have all items that are being collected to be ready, on the ground floor, in an easy accessible place. This also includes boxes ready for our couriers to collect.

How do I get paid?

We endeavor to make payment within 30 days by the means chosen in your account, mainly being any of the following: PayPal and Direct Bank Transfer.

Unfortunately, we do not offer payment by Cheque or cash payments anymore. For some payments we will require a VAT invoice to be raised, but this may not be applicable to others.