Further Information

Further Information

Verbal valuations of items brought to our salesrooms are usually free if they are to be entered into sales. We are able to offer a free valuation based on accurate photographs of items and specifications communicated with us. We can arrange a site visit to your premises for appraisal of items, but please discuss this in advance as a minimum fee of £50 may apply. In exceptional circumstances we may waive this fee.

VAT / Taxation: VAT or Taxation will be applied to all charges based at the percentage set in the United Kingdom.

Commission Charges: Commission to sell any items is 20% or a min £1.50 per item lot. If the item sells for less than £8.00 then the commission rate would fall below £1.50, hence a charge of £1.50 would apply. This charge would also apply to items that didn’t sell or to items that have been re-listed and still fail to achieve a price over £8.00.

Data Destruction Charges: Where items are received that hold personal information via a data device, it is generally the responsibility of the customer to erase this information. However, Asset Re-marketing operates a data eradication process that is approved to HMG Security Services CESG standards to remove all data including any licensed software. A Quotation can be given to perform this service.

  • Hard Drives

  • Back up Tape<

  • CD / DVD drives

  • Floppy Disks

  • CCTV / Video Tape

  • PDA / Mobile Phone

  • Portable Storage Devices

Subsequently, our clients then receive full WEEE and data protection inventory records in comprehensive asset report form, as well as full consignment notes and WEEE documentation.

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