Data Destruction Services

Asset Re-Marketing are one of the UK's leading I.T. and Electronic disposal companies, offering our customers complete on site and off site Data Destruction and IT disposal services. We not only ensure complete data destruction but exceed all expectations for our customers.

  • Hard Drive Destruction. We physically destroy hard drives using WEEE recycling techniques. As specialists in computer recycling, we have the facilities and the skills necessary to provide you with complete peace of mind and demonstrate that your equipment is being disposed of ethically and responsibly - rest assured that your waste will not end up in landfill - it's our promise!

  • We recycle all types of computer hardware including but not limited to:

  • • Towers, server chassis and other base units
  • • Laptops, netbooks and tablets
  • • TFT and CRT monitors
  • • Office equipment, such as printers, faxes and photocopiers
  • • Hard disk drives, Tape and floppy drives
  • • UPS batteries
  • Key features of out IT Asset Disposal services are:

  • • Collection of Data Devices in secure containers
  • • Full documentation and certificate of destruction issued
  • • Data destruction-all data carrying devices wiped or destroyed
  • • Destroyed to HMG Infosec Standard 5 (CESG + Data Protection)
  • • Secure I.T. processing site
  • On Site Data Destruction

    Asset Re-Marketing provide a specialist on site Secure Data Destruction service enabling your organisation to securely destroy all aspects of data from any obsolete digital media devices.

    Our data destruction services have been created to work with Data Protection and the ITAD security policy of any organisation, delivering proof of compliance and ensuring security standards. Asset Re-Marketing's on site Data Destruction service can process all data bearing devices in front of customers, without the risk of transporting media.

    During the process you will witness the Data Destruction and receive all essential security documentation, including the Certificate of Destruction and a fully itemized asset report.

    The Process:

  • • You remove the media device beforehand (or we can)
  • • Our engineer sets up the destruction process on your site
  • • The device asset details are recorded. It is then processed and rendered useless
  • • When all of your devices have been destroyed, you can verify the destruction. We then take the waste devices away

  • Key features:

  • • This is a unique ON or OFF site Data Destruction Services
  • • Process meets CESG and Data Protection standards for destroying data
  • • Fully auditable process, complete serial number tracking
  • • Protects against Identity and Data Theft / loss
  • • Ensures that organizations meet new Data Protection laws
  • Pricing matrix:

    Asset Re-Marketing's on site Media Destruction service is priced accordingly to ensure that we can meet the demands of our customers without a lapse in service standards.

    As part of the service you receive:

  • • An arranged date on site to perform the data destruction
  • • A trained Service Engineer who performs the destruction and logging of devices
  • • Completed documentation on the day
  • • Secure removal of all destroyed devices
  • • Complete waste certification, including duty-of-care and Certificate of Destruction

  • Service Details:

  • • Prices do not inculde transport costings and any overnight stay
  • • Magnetic media, such as DLT tapes can be wiped and reused
  • • Securely erase media which is a concern to auditors
  • • Permanently removes data so HDD's (Hard Disk Drives) cannot be re-used or re-sold
  • • Destroyed media taken and recycled to WEEE regulations

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